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Our Approach

Our professional genealogy research services start by digging deep into your family’s background. Our skilled genealogists carefully study historical records and documents and use advanced research methods to find accurate and detailed information. This multifaceted investigation builds the foundation for your family history.

Next, we will bridge the gap between historical facts and personal stories. We interview family members to capture the richness of their memories and preserve their precious stories. By working with you, we blend these personal accounts with the narrative of your family’s history, bringing your heritage to life.

Our expertise goes beyond just collecting information. We meticulously organize and analyze everything we find to reveal connections and patterns that uncover the fascinating journey of your ancestors. The final result? A captivating family tale that goes beyond dates and names. It becomes a vibrant picture with historical details and personal stories, a tribute to the remarkable lives that shaped your own.

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Service Offerings

➢ Basic genealogy package

Our basic genealogy service is the ideal starting point for research into your family’s background. Our seasoned genealogists meticulously trace your family’s history with various sources, including birth certificates, census records, and immigration papers. With this method of analysis, we ensure a clear, well-organized family tree, creating a solid foundation on which you can build your personal family story.

➢ Extended ancestral research

For those who want a greater understanding of their family history, our extended research provides a more thorough examination. We use advanced research techniques to determine who is, what was, and when that shaped your ancestral ancestors. This way, we uncover fascinating information about prominent family members, migration patterns, and historical circumstances that affected the course of your family’s history.

Customized legacy book packages

Every family has its own unique story to tell. Our custom-designed legacy book packages let you tailor your research to suit your desires. We will work with you to define the scope of your research, whether it’s a specific family branch, favorite memories, or digging deeper into historical details. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind record of your family history, an heirloom to be treasured for generations to come.

Narrative Development

With our professional genealogy research services, we don’t only present data and figures; we blend them into a compelling tale that reveals the successes as well as the struggles and experiences of your forebears.

After that, we meticulously incorporate the historical context into your story to provide readers with an understanding of the historical, social, and other forces that took place at the time of your ancestors. By including period-appropriate information, we let readers step back and be part of the culture that their ancestors were a part of.

Legacy Book

Multimedia Integration

We bring your legacy book alive with the inclusion of family photos and other historical documents, creating an engaging and personal experience.

Our team helps you unearth, preserve, and curate the most memorable photos and documents, making sure your family’s history is enhanced by visual evidence of their historical past. This method of multimedia lets you not only discover your lineage but also see the world they inhabited and the people they knew, fostering a deeper connection to your ancestors.

Collaborative book design process

The story of your family is worthy of being told in a fantastic format. In our collaborative book design process, we provide a variety of choices for personalizing the cover and layout to ensure that your book is a reflection of your personal preferences. Whether you’re seeking either a modern or classic style, we’ll help you design a timeless book you’ll be proud to hand down to your children.

Printing and distribution

Once you’ve got the finalized legacy book, we offer print-on-demand service for one copy in addition to the option of printing in bulk. Additionally, we provide instructions for how you can share copies with relatives as well as methods to preserve extra copies in order to guarantee that the book you have created will be an integral part of your family’s heritage in the future.

Contact Information

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frequently asked questions

This is fine! Our expert genealogists use a variety of sources, such as archives, historical records, and public databases, to construct an accurate family tree even with limited information.

We provide a variety of genealogy research options to meet your budget. Contact us today to arrange an appointment to discuss the pricing options in greater depth.

The length of time depends on the amount of detail in your family’s history as well as the program you select. Our standard package can be completed in just a couple of weeks, whereas more extensive research projects can take a few months. We will discuss timeframes with you during your consultation.