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Families play a significant role in providing our beliefs, values, traditions, and even our DNA. However, as time passes, stories and memories can disappear. Studies show that individuals who know more about their families are more resilient, meaning they can better moderate the effects of stress. If you’re in a position to create, save, and share your family story, there’s no time like the present to start.

We are Legacy Books, leading genealogy book publishers, and we have a track record of making precious family stories into beautiful genealogy books. These are heirlooms that ensure that the tale of your family’s story is told through the generations that follow.

Are you ready to pass on the family’s history? Book a meeting today, and let’s transform your story into a treasured keepsake.

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Our Publishing Process

1. Initial consultation

Our experienced team of genealogy book publishers will talk about your goals, your preferred style of storytelling, and any additional features you’re planning to include. We’ll also discuss different publishing and customize options to ensure the final product will reflect the unique story of your family.

2. Manuscript evaluation

Once you’ve sent us your genealogy research manuscript, or we’ve finished the research on your family tree, our experienced editors will carefully review the format and material. We’ll focus on providing constructive comments on clarity, organization, and possible areas to improve. This review will ensure that your family’s information is written clearly and engagingly.

3. Professional editing

Our seasoned editors will then carefully refine your story. With line editing, they focus on sentence structure, grammar, and overall clarity. Then, our substantive editing process goes into the details, looking at the narrative flow and consistency of your family’s story. This dual-layered approach will ensure that your genealogy guide is not only 100% accurate but also an enjoyable reading experience for generations to come.

Book Design and Layout

Collaborative design process

Our skilled project managers and designers will discuss your ideas in terms of aesthetics, colors, layout, design, and any other particular features that you have in mind. This process of collaboration ensures the finished book will be an authentic expression of your vision and will be a treasured keepsake for the future.

❖ Incorporating visual elements

Documents, family photos, and memorabilia are precious treasures that add an extra dimension and depth to family history and life story books. Our genealogy book publishers help you choose the most engaging images and seamlessly integrate these beloved elements into the design of your book, enhancing the storytelling reading experience of your customers.

Printing Options

❖ High-quality printing

We don’t settle for average. When the writing and design are accomplished, we’ll print your books on a high quality a high-quality acid-free that has satisfied even our most demanding clients.  You can also choose the type of binding, with options from linens to genuine leathers and everything in between. This can assure that the book will not just be pleasing to the eyes but will also be an actual representation of the enduring power of your family’s heritage.

❖ Print-on-demand services

We recognize that each family’s demands are distinct. If you want to host your books online and allow others to order it, we often provide services to arrange the book in a print-on-demand format. This efficient and cost-effective method lets you order exactly the quantity that you need without holding an inventory. Please identify this desire at the initial consultation.

Digital Publishing

❖ E-book creation

We’ll transform your genealogy book into an electronic format, making sure it’s compatible with a variety of e-readers and platforms, like Google Books and ISSUU, and other services that read pdf formats. This allows the story of your family to be read by a wider audience and makes it accessible for future generations to read and treasure. Simply sharing a link to your book that is stored online can be a great way to share your family history book with your extended family.

❖ Interactive multimedia features

Beyond basic e-books, we offer the opportunity to include captivating multimedia elements such as audio files, historical maps, or family videos in your book. Our genealogy book publishers will assist you in the process of creating an engaging and dynamic electronic experience that will bring your family’s past to life in a completely new way.


❖ Distribution services

At the conclusion of most projects, Legacy Books carefully packages and ships all your books to your chosen location. But if you’d rather have Legacy Books forward your family books to each of your family members members, just ask. We’d be happy to package them individually and send them to the address list you provide us.

Author Support and Collaboration

We at Legacy Books believe that the writer is the most critical factor in the book’s genealogy. We work to build an environment that encourages continuous collaboration during the entire publication process. But, if you want a more hands off approach, we’ll plan to check in and show you project progress on a monthly basis.

Our team provides periodic updates on the progress of your work, and you’ll be given plenty of chances to make comments and suggestions. In this way, we assure you that the story you envision of the family’s history isn’t just heard and cherished but has transformed into an impressive and long-lasting heirloom.

Contact Information

We’d be delighted to meet with you and discuss the ways our genealogy book publishers can help you keep your family’s history alive for future generations. Here are some ways we can be reached:

frequently asked questions

We have a broad selection of genealogy books, ranging from memoirs and family histories and life stories to regional stories and explorations of ethnic heritage. We’re eager to collaborate with you on any endeavor that tells your family’s distinct story.

The price for publishing your genealogy book depends on factors we identify as the project progresses. Most clients that want a wide variety of services along with their printed books will reach $15,000 in services.

No! We have years of experience writing family histories for our clients. If your narrative is written, we’ll help you finish the book up. If you need it written, we’ve authored the majority of the family history books we’ve helped our clients publish. Please feel free to contact us, even if you’re in the early stages of genealogy research.