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Our Approach

At Legacy Books, we begin by getting to know your business inside and out. Through intensive discussions, we’ll discover your basic principles, the most important successes, and the key moments that have helped make your business what it is now. We’ll also discuss your ideas for the final product, including specific features you’d like to add and how you’d like it to be utilized.

Next, our team of experts begins to uncover the specifics of your past. We can thoroughly examine your company’s archives, which may include photographs, documents, and other materials that you’ve saved. We’ll also interview key stakeholders to hear their positive and inspiring stories that set your company apart from those of your competitors.

Finally, we begin creating your book, but we’ll keep the lines of contact open throughout the entire process. Our team will send drafts to key decision-makers for feedback and suggestions. In this way, we can ensure that your brand’s voice and message are heard in the final product. The result is a history of your company that educates and enthuses your target audience.

Legacy Books Established in 2007

Service Offerings

➢ Corporate history book approaches.

Legacy Books offers a range of approaches that can be tailored to your company’s requirements. All approaches are custom-fitted to your wants and resources, and can utilize your corporate visuals and multimedia.

  • A basic, but effective approach focuses on the most important moments and accomplishments that define the company’s story. This service uses your corporate artifacts like historic photos, newspaper clips, and press releases–combined with short stories and captions to present your company’s history.
  • A more thorough approach examines your business’s values, its culture, and how it has changed through time, offering an in-depth look at the story you tell. This approach can include interviews of various presidents, owners, and employees at your company, weaving their stories and your corporate artifacts into a book that provides a compelling narrative with great design.

➢ Tailored content development

Our corporate history book publishers will work in tandem with you to ensure that the book is in sync with your brand’s identity and mission. We skillfully balance historical accuracy with captivating storytelling methods, bringing your company’s story through time in an informative and entertaining style. This will ensure that your corporate history becomes an invaluable resource that is a hit with your target audience.

➢ Professional editing

Our highly-trained editors conduct extensive line editing to ensure that the work is free of grammar and punctuation errors. Also, we perform substantive editing that focuses on the overall flow of the narrative and ensures that it is written in a cohesive and entertaining style. Our meticulous editing process guarantees the most elegant, polished, and efficient final result that reflects your rich corporate history.

Visual Elements and Design

➢ Incorporating corporate imagery

Legacy Books understands the power of visuals in telling stories. We’ll assist you in figuring out how to include powerful imagery throughout your book. It could be historical photos of product designs, logos over the years, or captivating infographics. These images not only improve readers’ experiences but also help bring your company’s history to life in a captivating manner.

➢ Custom book design

Our designers will work with you on the right fonts, color schemes, and image placement to warrant a unifying and competent appearance that is in perfect alignment with your company’s brand image. The end product will be a beautifully designed book that is not just informative but also a stunning souvenir for you and your employees.

Legacy Book

Printing and Distribution

➢ High-quality printing options

We’ll deliver a high quality hardcover book you’ll want to add to your work library and share with employees, partners, and owners. We also use premium supplies and sophisticated printing processes to ensure that your publication is not only beautiful visually but also durable and long-lasting.

A compelling corporate history book needs an impressive entrance. Our team will collaborate with you to design a bespoke marketing plan that is targeted at both external and internal users. This includes internal newsletters, launch events, or social media-based campaigns to create excitement among your employees.

We also appreciate the importance of marketing your book to the corporate world. By using offline and online channels, like press releases, industry publications, or targeted advertisements, we create interest and promote your business’s history as an important source for others. This multi-faceted approach ensures your book gets the attention it deserves.

Contact Information

Ready to capture your company’s legacy in a captivating book? Our corporate history book publishers will love to hear from you and get started on your journey to preserving your company’s story.

frequently asked questions

We are proud to work with a variety of companies, ranging from long-standing industry giants to cutting-edge startups across a range of fields.

Absolutely! The inclusion of first-hand accounts provides a personal touch and can bring the company’s history to the forefront. We can assist with gathering and incorporating these stories.

The duration of the project depends on its size and the selected package. Most project scopes lend themselves to a 10-month to 16-month timeline.

We offer a range of options to meet different budgets. A minimum project size for a corporate history is $20,000 and some will exceed $40,000.