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Have you ever thought about what your roots are?

Who walked the path before you, influencing the traditions of your family and creating your own distinctive identity?

Legacy Books is your trusted guide to this journey of self-discovery. We offer a comprehensive range of ancestry research services, including meticulous research, captivating storytelling, and the integration of multimedia to design quality heirloom legacy books that preserve your family’s unique history for future generations.

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Our Approach to Ancestry Research

At Legacy Books, our ancestry research services start with an exhaustive examination of documents, like birth certificates, census records, and immigration documents. We use a variety of methods of research, such as searching archives online, contacting local repositories, and working with historical societies to extract the most valuable information from these documents to discover the richness of your family’s past.

Next, we can shift our focus to gathering firsthand accounts from living family members. Through carefully arranged interviews, we uncover personal stories, precious memories, and even family folklore. These stories not only breathe life into your family tree but also reveal hidden connections and traditions that could have been handed down through generations.

Finally, we meticulously arrange the accumulated data to identify possible inconsistencies and carefully cross-reference information. This careful organization allows us to spot patterns, discover intriguing stories, and create an accurate picture of your ancestors’ lineage. With this multifaceted approach, our genealogy research services provide a deeper understanding of your ancestry.

Ancestry Research Packages

1. Basic ancestry package

Ideal for beginners, this program employs a thorough study of the most readily accessible sources, such as birth records, marriage certificates, obituaries, land deeds, census records, and military papers. The process ends with an elaborate base family tree, which provides an easy platform for exploring your ancestors and also lays the foundation for your future research.

2. Extended family history research

Beyond research performed online and in remote locations, Legacy Books conducts interviews with family members to record precious memories and personal stories. This multifaceted investigation lets us discover and later share the personal memories and influence your ancestors have had on you. Here we also may discover migration patterns and historical events that have contributed to the story of your family.

3. Customized ancestral discovery

This personalized program allows you to customize your research according to your individual needs. You can decide to concentrate on a specific family branch, study a specific area’s history, or examine any aspect of your family that intrigues you. Through careful study and research, along with evaluating progress at checkpoints, we can present an extensive report brimming with interesting information about your lineage.

Narrative Development

Legacy Books can provide carefully crafted short stories for the individuals or couples in your family tree. When weaved together, they paint a clear picture of where your ancestors came from. Our skilled writers analyze research findings, pinpointing events and connections that shaped your family’s journey. Then, using clear descriptions and chronological order, they craft a compelling narrative that gives you insights into your forebears’ struggles, triumphs and experiences.

We can go beyond the individual story. We often integrate historical context into your family’s past by revealing social norms, customs, and historical occasions of their eras. This vast background allows you to imagine the sights, sounds, and everyday realities that shaped their lives, giving your book a real-life reading experience.

Multimedia Integration

★ Inclusion of visual elements

Imagine including the faded tintype image of your great-grandfather with handwritten military discharge documents, offering a real-time glimpse of his past. Our team of experts can carefully scan and integrate into your book your family photographs, historical documents, and treasured memorablia. This not only enriches the story but also lets you visually connect with your ancestors.

★ Digital archives

We create safe digital archives for your family history records, pictures, and documents, as well as multimedia elements for easy sharing with family members, both now and in the future. At the conclusion of each project we assist our clients with setting up photo archives, storing a digital copy of their book at various locations online if wanted, and returning all files in an organized format for safekeeping. Legacy Books also keeps project files on a local drive for future updates or additional printings.

Legacy Book Creation

★ Collaborative writing process

Your project manager will meet with you and learn more about your personal story and experience while seamlessly weaving these into a cohesive story. Your input is valued throughout the editing and writing stages, which allows you to decide what you would like to get out of the final document and ensure that it is accurate in telling the family’s story.

★ Book design and printing

Your legacy book requires a design that’s just as distinctive as the history of your loved ones. In this phase, you’ll have the option of choosing from several design options and cover materials. What you will get is an outstanding book that can be proudly handed down and kept over the next many years.

Contact Information

Legacy Books is here to help you along your genealogy journey. Get in touch with us now for a discussion about your research needs and to learn more about our comprehensive ancestry research services that will fit your needs and budget.

We look forward to partnering with you to uncover the fascinating story of your ancestors.

frequently asked questions

The length of time depends on the scope of your research objectives and the amount of information available. Time frames usually last from several weeks to 4-5 months.

Our primary service is focused on historical research; we can offer guidance and help in finding living relatives. Numerous online genealogical communities and databases could assist in reconnecting with relatives.

We can help! Even with limited data, our research team utilizes a variety of methods to trace your genealogy. We can use public data, online databases, and other genealogy tools to establish a solid foundation for your family’s history.