Lisa’s great-grandfather, George Beard, was a well-respected and regionally known photographer whose photographs are still admired today. His life was rich with adventure and filled with beautiful images that Lisa knew she wanted to compile and preserve. But with no idea where to start or how to do it, Lisa kept waiting—and she waited for 30 years.

After three decades of postponing the task of preserving her great-grandfather’s legacy, Lisa found us at a convention and saw the unique, high-quality work we provide for each client. She enlisted us to finally preserve George’s incredible legacy.

We were thrilled to work with the gorgeous images that George captured, and put together all the stories Lisa had preserved of his exciting life. The true capstone of this project is the unique cover, which features a foil-stamped image of George’s camera. The camera lens is replaced with a circular die-cut, allowing the viewer a glimpse of one of George’s beautiful landscape photos. We believe that this book is something that George himself would be proud of, and is a wonderful way to preserve a legacy that is as beautiful and unique as the book itself.

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