Custom Family History Books You Want To Open

“These books draw you to open their pages.”

“These are the nicest books I’ve ever seen.”

“This design is amazing . . . it’s just beautiful.”

These were just a few of the comments we heard this February at RootsTech, a family history and technology trade show held each year in Salt Lake City. The care and craft that goes into our work at Legacy Books is evident to those who see our work. We’re passionate about bringing your stories to life—and the end product shows it.

One of Legacy Book’s beautiful family productions.

A client in Virginia was so impressed at our ability to make her research visually appealing that she included this note in her book, which is scheduled to be published this coming summer:

“Exhaustive research, good writing and an extensive document and photograph collection do not a book make. To John Catron and his team at Legacy Books go my praise and thankfulness. They took my manuscript and, using their layout and design magic, turned it into this family treasure.”

What’s our secret? Individual care and attention. We don’t try to force your unique resources and stories into a premade template. Instead, we design your book to showcase the specific files and resources you give us—your family photos, documents, memories, memorabilia, and lore.

Your history is unlike anyone else’s, and our design for your book shows that. Our team of designers and writers pores through your files to discover the precise color combinations, fonts, layouts, and book size and shape that will most effectively frame your story. All along the way, we work closely with you to ensure that the designs reflect your vision, sharing proofs and drafts to get your approval and feedback.

This same ethos continues through the publishing phase. These books are not made simply to sit on a shelf, but rather to be read, shared, and enjoyed. Cover materials and paper types are chosen purposefully for each project. We bind your books with a library binding that is built to last hundreds of years—and hold up under actual usage. Our Legacy Books open wide and lie flat so the pictures, stories, and memories on each page can be examined and treasured again and again. The legacy in each book is not just the precious content, but the book itself—a volume that can be passed down from generation to generation.

We are so grateful to all of you who have let us be a part of sharing your family story. And for those of you whose story has yet to be told, we can’t wait to help you create your own Legacy Book.

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