Don’t Let Your Family History Project Overwhelm You; Legacy Books Can Help

September 12, 2016 / no comments

A common scenario among many who consider putting together family histories is this: full of fire and excitement regarding their new project, they haul out box after box of photos and journals and scrapbooks, spread them all over the living room, pop open the first box… and they soon feel overwhelmed. The photos in those boxes may be disorganized; the dates and labels in the scrapbooks may be incomplete; the writing in the journals illegible, the stories out of context. “Perhaps,” they think, “I was a little too eager… The scope of trying to organize this is beyond me. I don’t know where to even start…”

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to organize years (or even decades) of photographs and mementos. With an endless list of tasks to be done, finding the time to dig into the past and put things in order can seem like an impossible undertaking.

But it doesn’t have to be. Legacy Books has nearly a decade of experience sifting through photos and documents and family stories, researching dates and gathering details. We can help you make sense of everything you’ve got; decide exactly what you hope to accomplish with your history, including the scope and focus of the project; and then make a plan to see your project through to the end.

Many projects that we work on at Legacy Books begin with a phone call from a client who wonders where to begin (or isn’t even sure that they have enough material to begin). There is simply the desire to preserve a legacy, and the basic spark of an idea. That call to us can be the catalyst that puts an entire project in motion—and a mind at ease. Putting our experience into play, we can help find a starting point for any project, and an entry into any history.

Not long ago, we received a call from a woman in Tennessee, anxious to put together a family history book, but stumped as to how to start. Through our conversation it became clear that the ideal starting point for her was simply to have us scan her photos, to give her an easier way to access, view, and organize those pictures. We were more than happy to help her with that, to help her find the jumping off point for her project, because we know that even a beginning as seemingly simple as this can then grow into the next phase of her history.

We also get calls from historians with every photo already tagged and labeled, and every date double-checked, who aren’t sure what to do next, how to preserve and present the legacy they’ve compiled. At Legacy Books, we can help with this as well, by outlining the next steps in designing and printing a beautiful book that gives life to the history that those pictures, dates, and stories represent.

Compiling your family’s story is a wonderful, rewarding journey, and at Legacy Books, we want you to focus on the joy and excitement of the discoveries you make along the way. We want to assist you in planning and organizing your project, with whatever beginning you’re ready to make—or next step you’re ready to take. We know that any start is a good start, and that each accomplished task can lead to the next, opening up the path toward the final project. No matter where you are in that journey of putting together your history, let us help you. After all, preserving legacies is an art, and we wrote the book. ™