Preserving Family Heritage: A Legacy Books Specialty

February 26, 2016 / no comments

What do you feel when you share your family stories? When asked this question, many respond with love, connectedness, remembrance, and admiration.

It was a thrill for Martha Dorsey, of Georgia, to share the story of her great, great, grandfather, who was a slave in Kentucky until the Civil War ended. Of the experience she said,


Some of the Legacy Books team at RootsTech 2016.

“I finally came to the realization that it was simply the joy of discovery with the family history search. It was the thrill of hunting and finding and learning something I didn’t know before. If I had to describe researching my family history I would say, I experienced the joy of connecting myself to my ancestors.”

Of the books she received from Legacy Books, she said, “I must say a wonderful finished product. Family members are pleased! It’s a historical book issue for generations! Praises!”

As Keynote Speaker Steve Rockwood taught at RootsTech earlier this month, “Every family has favorite stories that get told over and over again. These are part of our family heritage.”

Preserving these favorite family stories is important to do now, so that they can be remembered for generations to come. is working to continuously improve five tools that make this process even easier to get started:

  1. Discovery Experiences – In order to allow visitors the most convenient experience possible, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah will be undergoing major renovations in the near future.
  2. Family Trees – There are currently 1.1 billion unique names available for searching on the Family Tree section of  
  3. Searchable Records – Marriage, Birth, and Death Certificates are continuously becoming readily available for search on
  4. Memories – Stories, photos, videos, and audio can be uploaded to for safe keeping and saved in a section called Memories in order to preserve those sacred pieces of family heritage.
  5. Contextual Help – Questions and concerns can be answered quickly and efficiently on the website so that the work can continually keep progressing.

In conjunction with using these tools on to find and discover your own family history, Legacy Books is committed to helping you put your family history records into one artistic presentation that you will want to display for years to come.

As one historian recently wrote to Legacy Books,

“As a social historian who is more concerned about how people lived rather than just tracing bloodlines, rest assured I will use your book as an example to researchers who come to our library. You have inspired me to get to work and publish my own book.”

Contact Legacy Books today and we will help you get started no matter where you are at in your own family history work. Preserving stories is our goal and that can be done at any stage of the genealogical process.

Preserving legacies is an art; we wrote the book.™

A Story of Sentiments, Signatures, and Success

February 2, 2016 / no comments

The Craig Family Legacy:

Rick Craig had spent several years gathering photos and documents of his ancestors when he reached out to the team at Legacy Books. He had collected images from distant relatives and archives. The documents he had obtained showed where they had lived, and some even contained their signatures. He also had historical photos of the places he knew his ancestors had lived. The information deserved to be shared with his family, but Rick was waiting for a method that caught his eye.

Unsure of what his next step would be, Rick called Legacy Books and explained his predicament. In a few minutes, Rick was ready to move forward on a Craig Family legacy book. Excited to develop the book, and the art behind the Craig family story, the team of experienced writers, editors, and designers at Legacy Books got to work, updating Rick as each section was created.

Within months, the variety of photos, stories, records, original signatures, and mementos that Rick had gathered were all put together in a leather-bound book, which Rick called “striking in terms of design, layout and material.” It was complete with the Craig family crest and original signatures of his ancestors imprinted on the front cover. Rick printed enough books to share with family, friends, and research libraries.

“You were able to take a rough narrative and assorted pictures and turn them into a professional family history,” Rick said. “This will be an heirloom for my posterity and others interested in the Craig lines.”

The team behind Legacy Books believes that there is great value in saving family stories and photos, and preserving them in beautiful ways.

Collaboration is Key:

There is no need to finish your family history work before starting your own family legacy book. Let the team at Legacy Books know what you’re working on and where you’re at—they’ll have tips and tricks to save you time and help you prepare your project. While their most utilized services are design and book production management, they also offer a variety of services that will allow you to sit back and simply approve the details as their team of experts creates your family’s book. Their range of services includes organizing, researching, interviewing, writing, editing, scanning, image editing, layout, and design.

Details Matter:

At Legacy Books, quality is essential in preserving your family history records. Each book is printed with the highest quality paper and bound in methods to help the books last. This binding allows books to lay open wide for easy viewing and displaying. Digital editions of family Legacy Books are also available via a shareable link and can be viewed on all tablets and computers.

A Labor of Love:

Our Legacy Books team is more than technicians, researchers and designers. They are family rootstech-profile-series-family-photos-and-records-come-together-beautifully-at-legacy-books-3-300x300history advocates who truly believe every family deserves a tangible document of their legacy. In fact, the team is driven by the tremendous satisfaction they feel each time they collaborate with families to compile stories. Every story is uniquely pulled from people’s memories, notes, photos, and mementos. And those stories are going to be preserved forever. That’s why our tagline is so memorable: “Preserving legacies is an art, and we wrote the book.”

Legacy Books® is an exhibitor at Rootstech Family History Convention on Feb. 4-6, 2016, Salt Lake City. Please stop by and say hi to the team!