H. Tracy Hall Legacy Preserved

July 25, 2014 / no comments

Legacy Books is excited to announce the completion of H. Tracy Hall, 1919-2008. The book, commissioned by the H. Tracy Hall Foundation of Provo, Utah, captures beautifully the history of the Hall family, Tracy’s personal and professional accomplishments, and connects the current generation of Halls to their ancestors. In 1954, Tracy became the first man to synthesize diamond in a laboratory in a reproducible manner at the General Electric Company.
Additionally, most of Tracy’s life work was digitized by Legacy Books and will be made available online in the coming months for reference.

The 570-page production includes photos, genealogy records, lab notes, technical drawings, Tracy written records, and memoirs from Tracy’s posterity. Each book is a numbered copy in this edition of 574. As a one-stop shop, Legacy Books completed all services needed during the project, which included research, digitization and compilation of information, writing, image editing, design and layout, and distribution.